What Makes A Good Sound Bite

What Makes a Good Sound Bite? • Words matter. If you are a “good quote” reporters will return to you again and again, even when others know more about an issue. • Your money quote should be a quick, evocative and memorable summation of the issue, not a detailed explanation. • Analogies. “Life is like […]

1,500 learn and connect at We the People Summit

1,500 learn and connect at We the People Summit Ryan Boyd Freelance columnist and content marketer. Alumni of @DowntownDevil, @USGDowntown & @ASUPublicSvc. Jun 28 Photo credit: We the People Summit Facebook. This past Saturday, the 1,500 attendees of the first official We the People Summit took the Phoenix Convention Center by storm. Throughout the day the […]

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The views expressed by the presenters at the We the People Summit are their personal views
and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the We the People. We the People is a nonpartisan civics education nonprofit who produces the We the People Summit.
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