Press Release: We the People Summit Announces Workshops


We the People Summit Announces Workshops

October 9, 2017
The We the People Summit is excited to release additional workshops for its upcoming second Summit, taking place on November 4, 2017 at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown. Workshops are set to include:

  • 2018 Legislative Preview
  • Addressing Police Brutality as a Community
  • Arizona Legislative Basics
  • Avoiding Burnout: Stay Strong for the Fight
  • Be Your Own Advocate: Crafting Your Story
  • Campaign Volunteer Roles
  • Civil Dialogue 202
  • Criminal Justice: Disrupting the Status Quo
  • Environmental Justice: Crisis in Communities of Color
  • ERA: A Woman’s Place is in the Constitution
  • Every Child Counts: Foster Care System in Arizona
  • Examining and Dismantling Systemic Racism
  • Government from the Ground Up
  • Healthcare on Life Support: Solutions and Strategies
  • How to be an Effective Ally and Partner with Under-Represented Communities
  • Income Inequality and Wealth Redistribution
  • Intersectionality of Gun Violence
  • Navigating the Intersectionality Matrix
  • Not My Box: Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Outlaw Dirty Money
  • Reaching for the American Dream: The DACA Struggle
  • Restoring and Defending Voter’s Rights
  • Saving Our Kids: Protecting Public Education
  • Say What? No Promo Homo (SB1019) and Other Anti-LGBTQ Laws
  • Understanding and Confronting Privilege
  • Unions in Unity in the Community
  • One of the goals of the second Summit is to highlight the interconnection of issues our communities are facing. We will include multiple perspectives as we delve into our discussions and this work. For example, we have an obligation to look at how factors like race, social class, geographic location and gender influence an individual’s ability to access health care. We are striving to achieve and share an inclusive, intersectional perspective.

    The We the People Summit is a series of three summits designed to bring together individuals, grassroots organizations, and established nonprofits to empower, educate, and connect citizens of Arizona who seek progressive change in local and state government. The second Summit will focus on calls to action with hands-on tools and techniques for advancing a cause. Participants will be connected with local activists so that together they may take the next steps towards solving problems within their communities.

    Tickets to the second Summit are now available www.wethepeoplesummit.com. Early bird pricing is in effect until October 15th, with General Admission set at $35 and Student Admission for $20. The summit is also accepting scholarship donations should you or your organization wish to support another attendee. Sponsorship opportunities remain available to businesses and organizations searching for creative and interactive ways to tap into the groundswell movement in Arizona and reach new, loyal and active customers.

    For a limited time, Summit t-shirts are available for purchase using the following links:
    Together, we can change Arizona.

    Contact: media@wethepeoplesummit.com (480) 256-8178 Jennifer Jermaine

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